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Nordic Declaration for the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda

In collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and the Swedish National Centre for Architecture or Design, the independent think tank Global Utmaning hosted the first regional Post-Habitat III conference in Stockholm in December '16.
The conference resulted in a “Nordic Declaration on the Implementation of the new Urban Agenda”, where 400 attendees from research, private sector, civil society, national and local authorities have had the opportunity to actively contribute to the declaration, initiated by the think tank.
In their press-release, Global Utmaning states: "The global agendas have clearly underlined that cities – rather than nations – have the basic answers to sustainable development. Cities are where a large part of the implementation, financing and monitoring of these global agreements will take place. Cities provide the platform for economic, social and environmental development. The global agenda is, quite simply, local."
The UN Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador last October resulted in the adoption of a New Urban Agenda by the United Nations member states. This agenda will be the guideline for sustainable urban development for the next generation. However, The New Urban Agenda is not legally binding, and some have questioned whether it will really be implemented. 

The Post-Habitat III Nodic conference

The regional post-Habitat III conference evolved around leadership, governance and management for sustainable urban development in discussions with several Nordic Ministers and Mayors, senior civil servants, researchers, private sector and civil society representatives. Keynotes were delivered on the post-Habitat III and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda by Raf Tuts from UN-Habitat, followed by keynotes on the Nordic implementation on the New Urban Agenda by Peter Eriksson, Minister for Housing and Digital Development Sweden and Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Finland.

Nordic initiative parallels IFHP's efforts 

This effort driven from Sweden with some involvement from Norway and Finland runs parallel to IFHP's own efforts. We seek to take the baton from this declaration forward and get Denmark onboard and involved in implementing the New Urban Agenda, for instance at our upcoming event at the Danish Parliament at the end of March in Copenhagen. Stay tuned!