Federation for
Housing and

People-centered Smart Cities

IFHP Council member Anne-Marie Chavanon represented IFHP at the Paris international conference on Smart Countries and Smart Cities, which took place 1-3. September and gathered politicians, decision makers and technology providers
Successful urban development requires shared governance.  
Anne-Marie Chavanon was invited to present IFHP's views on-stage where she pursued the federation's passion statement: "Passionate about making cities better for people" particulary in conjunction with new technologies' impact on urban development.  
Anne-Marie Chavanon spoke about the necessity of engaging civil society and particularly citizens:
"Using people as mere "sensors" for data gathering is not sufficient. We must mobilize and empower citizens as "actors". A smart, public administration taking smart urban development and planning forward requires participatory and shared governance. The development of smart cities can help meeting the citizens' new expectations. It can accompany the new paradigm shift in the field of democracy."
Anne-Marie Chavanon is the chair of the Committee on democracy, social cohesion and global challenges at the Council of Europe, where she represents IFHP. And she takes up the position as head of COFHUAT, the French IFHP National Chapter.