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Reflection on the C40 Mayors Summit

The C40 Mayors Summit brought together mayors from all over the world and hundreds of urban and sustainability leaders to advance urban solutions to climate change and highlight the leadership role of cities in addressing climate change. IFHP was there!

The 6th biennial C40 Mayors Summit organized by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in partnership with Mexico City took place last week, exactly one year after the COP21 climate talks in Paris and the Climate Summit for Local Leaders, where over 1,000 mayors and community leaders committed to concrete actions on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tracking their progress in tackling climate change. 
IFHP was present at the U.N. Habitat III Conference in Quito in mid October where the New Urban Agenda was adopted as the global framework for sustainable urban development for the next two decades. It is that framework that IFHP will use going forward in becoming an implementation agent of the New Urban Agenda. This is why IFHP, being an implementation agent of the NUA, deemed it important to be present in Mexico at the C40 mayors Summit to represent its community, influence the summit’s outcome and to bring home lessons and initiatives that will focus on urban sustainability. As part of this objective, it is not only environmental sustainability that is on IFHP’s agenda, but social sustainability in order to create housing for all.
The summit was a great platform for urban practitioners and technical experts to share successful projects, policies and programmes across a range of sectors and action areas, including building energy efficiency, low carbon transport, green growth and climate resilience. There were several roundtable discussions and working sessions on city driven climate actions and their impact; the discussions were data-driven and outcome focused. Three days packed with extensive networking and debating climate change and the necessity of finding more solutions that also focus on social sustainability.
IFHP hosted two side-events at the summit in Mexico. Strong partnerships are top of the agenda and IFHP strives to contribute wherever possible. At the summit, together with Novo Nordisk and Realdania, IFHP moderated and co-hosted a great debate on the importance of strong partnerships when implementing the New Urban Agenda. A great panel including the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, and Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, the Health Secretary from Mexico City, Dr. José Armando Ahued Ortega, the CEO of Realdania, Jesper Nygaard, and the Vice President, Health Advocacy from Novo Nordisk, Niels Lund discussed the need for strong cross-sectorial partnerships. Affordable housing was on the top of the agenda!
IFHP also took part in another panel debate where partners to Realdania, including Sustainina, IFHP and CLEAN amongst others, presented the opportunities, solutions and benefits to citizens in relation to integrating social aspects in city climate action. Specifically, the focus was on how Copenhagen has successfully applied a holistic approach to planning for climate change. For years, Copenhagen has spearheaded an approach to addressing climate change that is holistic in its objectives, resulting in the development of globally recognized low-carbon city solutions that also benefit social aspects of Copenhagener’s everyday life. A lot can be learnt from the case of Copenhagen, and in order to address climate change in an age of urbanism, cities need to cooperate and share knowledge in order to adapt and bring their solutions to scale.
At IFHP we believe that we need both social, economic and environmental sustainability to make better cities for people. By working together in strong and close partnerships we can achieve this!

Action to achieve sustainable cities is needed and it is needed now! 


Please join us in our effort to make Cities Better for People and creating Housing for All.