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Report of Sustainable Urban Mobility in Indian Cities is now available

IFHP Indian Expert Round Table on Urban Water

The report from a successful Round Table in Bangalore, in February 2014 is now available. This was the first IFHP Expert Round Table on Sustainable Urban Mobility in India.

The IFHP Indian Expert Round Table is a series of two discussions organized and run by IFHP Board Member, Arun Jain.


The mission of the series, is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of selected areas in which it can contribute to targeted positive urban change in India.


Notice that the learnings are not only for experts, innovators and decision makers in India nor for those exclusively interested in this particular reports focus; urban mobility. The learnings are for the broad spectrum of those interested in cities and their improvement. The learnings help us all understand more deeply the difficult environment in which in this case, India works to improve its urban conditions. In doing so we hope you will find new insights in your own efforts to improve the quality of urban life wherever you may be.


The series of IFHP Indian Expert Round Table

The first IFHP Indian Expert Round Table focused on urban mobility and was held in Bangalore at the Indian Institute of Sciences in spring, 2014. Read a summary report of the event and its findings.


The second IFHP Indian Expert Round Table will be held on urban water in New Delhi on October 15th, 2014. IFHP board member Arun Jain is again leading this with two co-hosts for this event: Development Alternatives and the Centre for Policy Research. The learnings will be disseminated as the Bangalore report. Stay tuned for more information.


An Indian focus

IFHP has been focusing on a number of selected areas in which it can contribute to targeted positive urban change. India is, and will continue to experience hyper-urbanization. The infrastructure challenges for this are tremendous and without any global precedents. Designed and moderated by IFHP board member Arun Jain IFHP held the first Expert Round Table focusing on the challenges of easing the development pressures on India’s urban infrastructure. Coincidently, this took place just prior to the recently elected new Indian government placing the improvement of Indian cities high on its agenda. The two round table discussions are designed towards identifying the relatively easier changes in governance, regulation, finance and management that would give innovators more space to rapidly expand and improve their services.  


Learnings no matter where you are

In offering this report, the IFHP seeks to provide new understanding and insights on why we must go deeper into the understanding the locations where we acknowledge help and change is needed. In defining this process, we hope to reveal new insights for selected cities along with new solutions coming from new collective wisdom and understanding by all involved.


Transportation is an issue in many cities across the globe. The report argues that we must stop talking about and expecting universal issues to be fixed universally. Instead we need to begin to get more into the particular conditions that exist in each city. Even in India the transportation problems in each city are quite different.


Download report 

>> The report is available in English and can be downloaded for free

>> In short the method behind the Round Table discussion


More information

Should you have any questions about the report, please contact IFHP Board Member, Arun Jain, International Consultant Portland (OR), USA at: