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Spontaneous City Seminar - International Examples

Spontaneous City Seminar - Amsterdam 14th of October


With approximately 100 enthousiastic participants the Spontaneous City Seminar - International Examples took place at Oostenburg, Amsterdam on the 14th of October 2011. It was organised by the IFHP Working Group Spontaneous City in collaboration with Urhan Urban Design and sponsored by Stadgenoot, the developer of the area. Three speakers reflected on the theme of Spontaneous Cities. Joost Beunderman (00:/ architects and Urhahn Urban Design) introduced the 'Compendium for the Civic Economy', a study on in what way the 'societal economy', influences new urban practices and introduces new roles for individuals, collectives, private parties and government.Kunle Adeyemi (NLE) analysed Lagos, Nigeria and Luuk Boelens (Urban Unlimited) pointed out the importance of redefining institutions in order to get them in line with our changed, and still changing, society. Eight international case studies were presented:

  • Business Improvement Districts in the UK (Beitske Boonstra)
  • Cyprus (Gert Breugem)
  • Contrats de Quartier in Brussels (Stefan Bendiks)
  • Villages in Cities in China (Tsajier Cheng & Pu Hao)
  • Berlin Tempelhof (Jan Martijn Eekhof)
  • Seoul (Bart Reuser)
  • Collectives in Sao Paulo (Jaap Klarenbeek)

 During lunch Albert Ravestein (Stadgenoot) and Tess Broekmans (Urhahn Urban Design) showed the participant the area of Oostenburg and introduced their new development strategy for this unique part of Amsterdam. A lively debate was held amongst the participants during the seminar. Image by Urhahn Urban Design