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WTPD Online Conference on Going Public

Thanks to all who made the 3rd World Town Planning Day Online Conference a success! With registrants from more than 18 countries, we had a great time learning about different aspects of public spaces around the world: from the transformation of Guayaquil, Equador to strategies to regenerate public space at Internet City Dubai. IFHP Member Ines Salpico presented as well on “Augmented Realities: Public Spaces are Online” and discussed the potential of internet technologies and tools to expand the understanding, use and experience of public spaces, while also serving as a resource to aid in the management, development and maintenance of these spaces.

In general, it was made clear the importance that public spaces have in centering active, inclusive communities where people feel a sense of belonging. But more creative ways of activating space, making them safe and engaging, and making them integral to various urban strategies are also needed – there were some interesting examples using art, story-telling and environmental design, as well as different ways of procuring the necessary resources to implement projects. The presentations are available online for conference participants and can be found here, audio recordings to follow.

Since it’s difficult to take photos of online conferences, we’ve made a wordle of the most used words in the presentation abstracts to serve as the graphic supplement.

Photos or no photos, the potential of such online conferences continues to grow and it’s a great way to increase the accessibility of international knowledge-share and collaboration. Looking forward to next year and repeated cooperation with the conference’s partner organisations from around the world.

2011 World Town Planning Day Online Conference Partner Organisations:

* American Planning Association's International Division
* Commonwealth Association of Planners
* Canadian Institute of Planners
* The Chinese University of Hong Kong
* European Council of Spatial Planners-Conseil européen des urbanistes
* Federación Iberoamericana de Urbanistas
* Hong Kong Institute of Planners
* Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design
* International Federation for Housing and Planning
* New Zealand Planning Institute
* Planning Institute of Australia