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IFHP Ones: Yes We Can Reinvent Public Spaces!

This edition of the IFHP Ones, Yes we can!  Reinvent public spaces!, is a summary of IFHP’s participation to the third Biennale of Public Space held in Rome.
Two interventions combined have formed this cooperation: The international laboratory on self-built community spaces and the Exhibition “co-creation of public spaces”. 
The panel exhibition “Co-Creation of Public Spaces” gathered 5 experiences covering the globe: from Latin America, to the Balkans, Western Europe and Kenya. All these experiences suggest a reflection on the role of the co-creation of public space through the valuable reactivation of the community’s engagement, redefining the sense of belonging of residents to their neighbourhoods and reinventing their relationship with the cities they are part of.  
The international laboratory on self-built community spaces aimed at comparing different experiences of reactivation of neglected urban neighbourhoods, underlining the potentials and limits of these approaches and encouraging a full range of local stakeholders (resident citizens, international professionals, policy makers etc.) to engage in the process of shaping interventions in their cities.  
How can public spaces become part of the urban society and turn these local and spontaneous initiatives into long term policies bridging the gap between informal and formal development? What do self-organizing networks need to get their ideas realized? And vice versa: how can institutions use this cultural phenomenon as a legitimate and valuable city making instrument?

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