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Speakers at IFHP Nordic Lab

In alphabetical order:

Hans Skifter Andersen, Adjunct Professor, Aalborg University
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Astrid Bruus Thomsen, Programme Director, Realdania, Denmark
Astrid works with sustainable urban development from an environmental, social and economic perspective. She is trained as an engineer with over 15 years of experience in urban development and urban planning in both the public and private sectors.
In her role as Program Director at the Cities for People programme at Realdania, Astrid is responsible for supervising and ensuring the quality of a large number of projects and campaigns. Currently, her focus is on projects that can raise the quality of life in vulnerable neighborhoods and suburbs, and projects that can prevent climate change or create climate adaptation of cities that are both beautiful, fun and functional.
Emily Fahlén, Project Manager and Mediator, Tensta Konsthall, Sweden
Emily Fahlén works as a mediator at Tensta konsthall, a center for contemporary art in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta. With collaboration as a core value and method she manages both local and international art projects, working in the borderland between the organizational, curatorial and pedagogical. She is also the coordinator for The Silent University Stockholm; an autonomous knowledge platform by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

Susan Fiil Præstegaard, Laywer and Coordinator, Municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark
Susan works with the professional management of the social housing entity at Social Services Department. Susan works with maintaining the rental agreement with BL and specializes in social housing, prevention of evictions, prevention of ghettoization, integration, hiring practices and immigration law. Previously, Susan worked at the African human rights institution in Gambia (African Commission on Human and Peoples ' Rights ).


Per Lund, Advisor, Department of Urban Planning, City of Oslo, Norway
Per Lund is an ethnologist working with an area based ten years programme in Groruddalen area in Oslo. Through this programme, the city has improved the knowledge about how public resources can be spent to make a positive change in the most deprived areas of the city. Per is the author of “Innsatser I utsatte byområder” (Norwegian) to document this knowledge. Per has been responsible for acquiring several evaluations of the programme. Currently Per is also involved in the planning of a new ten years programme in deprived areas that will start up in 2017.


Giulia Maci, Project Manager and Urban Planner, International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP). Giulia is an architect and urban planner. After completing her architecture degree she worked in Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Albania and The Netherlands.She also recently graduated in Urban Planning and Management at Erasmus University, Rotterdam with a specialization in Urban and Regional Development and Housing.


Miguel Robles-Duran, Assistant Professor, of Urbanism, Parsons School of Design, NYC, USA (Moderator)
Urbanist, faculty member in the Design and Urban Ecologies graduate program at The New School/Parsons in New York, Senior fellow at "Civic City", a post-graduate design/research program based in HEAD Geneva, Switzerland and cofounder of "Cohabitation Strategies", an international non-profit cooperative for socio-spatial development based in New York and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Robles-Durán has wide international experience in the strategic definition/coordination of trans-disciplinary urban projects, as well as in the development tactical design strategies and civic engagement platforms that confront the contradictions of neoliberal urbanization.


Ingvar Sejr Hansen, Head of Division, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ingvar Sejr Hansen is head of the planning division in the Department of Finance, City of Copenhagen. He is responsible for tasks concerning the City of Copenhagen's urban development, housing policy and the municipal plan, which regulate the development of Copenhagen.
The main focus in Ingvar's work is on sustainable urban development, using the planning tools to ensure that Copenhagen grow economically and at the same time Copenhagen reduces its CO2 emissions in order to be the world's first carbon neutral capital by 2025. 


Cecilia Windh, Development Manager, City of Gothenburg, Sweden
As an urban planner Cecilia works with strategic master planning analyzing the relation between social needs and physical form. She develops methods for analyzing social structures and the impact of urban renewal on local communities and organizes citizen participation and place making activities as well as coordinating stakeholders and interest groups in planning projects. Cecilia develops quality criteria for urban life and participate in planning projects within the city.