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Posted: 2013-01-29
Blog - In the year 2013, more than half of the world’s population will live in cities. According to the United Nations, that part will increase to no less than 70% in 2050. Cities will accommodate 90% of the world’s population growth, account for 50% of global CO2 emissions and consume 70% of energy resources. That confronts us with a fair number of problems. How will new residents be accommodated? Where and how will they live? How will they move around, and where to? What energy will they use? And what about their food?
Posted: 2012-10-15
Blog - This year IFHP World Congress was not only about the lectures but had a number of different study visits and seminars on sight in different parts of the city. The combination of keynote speakers, study visits and seminars was an attempt to connect theory and practice, and at the same time a way to put the city on the mental map of the visitors by showing parts of the city.
Posted: 2012-09-07
Blog - We asked Adrian Benepe three questions: In order to face the massive challenges that cities are faced with today, do we then need a whole new way of urban planning and urban leadership? What impact do you think that the succes of the PlaNYC will have on the urban planning agenda especially in the U.S? What keeps you up at night? And what is the most important recommendation that you would give city leaders in order to create more sustainable and liveable cities? Here you can find the complete interview:
Posted: 2012-08-07
Event - In this event key components affecting the wealth of cities are explored, including human and social capital and the role of creativity in laying the foundations for wealth generating activities which involve all urban actors.
The event will in particular address research on a new economic relational/circularized urban base, starting from port cities, where the potential of creativity seems to be greater for integrating economic growth, ecological preservation and social opportunities in a win-win-win  strategy.
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