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Posted: 2013-03-06
Blog - The 2nd Urbego Workshop took place in the days before IFHP’s Housing conference in Den Haag. Under the theme “I Wish This Was – Common Scenarios for Transvaal”, 23 young professionals from 10+ countries met up, for in 3 days to come up with approaches to how Transvaal could be transformed into an area known for something good in Den Haag. But how is it actually possible to come up with anything substantial in such a short time, with none of us knowing anything about the area before?
Posted: 2013-02-28
Blog - Transvaal-Noord: a working-class hero is something to be
Posted: 2013-02-27
Blog - Within the framework of the IFHP Housing Conference 2013 in The Hague, Urbego, Staedion and The Hague Municipality organize a four day workshop on a housing case study.
11th-14th February 2013
Posted: 2013-02-26
Event - April 22-26, 2013:
Before the International Symposium “Garden Cities, an ideal to be pursued”, Urbego and the IAU île-de-France are organizing a 4-days workshop on the theme of garden cities.
Posted: 2013-01-09
Blog - Emerging in a changing city  The idea of the Camping 2013 came up with a simple observation : Marseille is expecting millions of visitors as European Capital of Culture in 2013[1], but you cannot find any camping at less than 30 km from the city. The city counts a lot of underused spaces though, in particular in its former industrial areas.
The group of internationals was shown around by local experts
Posted: 2012-12-03
Articles - The visions of the 16 young professionals that took part in the Gothenburg Urbego workshop from 14 till 18 September has been presented there. The group was asked to come up with possible developments for the ‘asphalt desert’ Vågmästarplatsen, an intersection of traffic flows and various neighbourhoods (location on Google Maps).
Posted: 2012-10-22
Blog - This September 2012, 27 postgraduate students and young professionals from across Europe and further away came together for the 3rd European Urban Summer School (EUSS). A joint project of IFHP / ECTP-CEU / AESOP / ISOCARP and SCIBE, EUSS is hosted by the University of Westminster, at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, in London.
Posted: 2012-10-02
Blog - 16 young planning professionals were gathered at the first Urbego workshop, held in Gothenburg, within the context of the 56th IFHF World Congress. The City Planning Authority of Gothenburg has invited the new generation of professionals in order to develop a dialogue and new proposals on a real case study of the city, which is inscribed within the vision of the Rivercity project of Gothenburg. 
Posted: 2012-06-29
Event - UPDATE 3 December 2012 The participants' vision has been documented in this file: URBEGO planning workshop Gothenburg, September 2012 ---  
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