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Posted: 2013-03-06
Blog - The 2nd Urbego Workshop took place in the days before IFHP’s Housing conference in Den Haag. Under the theme “I Wish This Was – Common Scenarios for Transvaal”, 23 young professionals from 10+ countries met up, for in 3 days to come up with approaches to how Transvaal could be transformed into an area known for something good in Den Haag. But how is it actually possible to come up with anything substantial in such a short time, with none of us knowing anything about the area before?
Posted: 2013-02-27
Blog - Within the framework of the IFHP Housing Conference 2013 in The Hague, Urbego, Staedion and The Hague Municipality organize a four day workshop on a housing case study.
11th-14th February 2013
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