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Housing and

About IFHP


Who are we?

IFHP is a global network of urban professionals who work to make cities better for people. We have existed for 105 years as a membership organisation and an international professional community. Our aim is to foster the creation of sustainable and liveable housing in urban areas.

We advocate for people’s roles in cities and for social cohesiveness, as it is our belief that a city cannot function and thrive without diversity at all levels. We strive to achieve a combination of local, concrete and implementable actions and global advocacy.



What do we advocate for?

We base our activities on our motto “Better cities for all”. Currently, the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 11 (Make cities more inclusive. safe, resilient and sustainable) and the UN Habitat’s New Urban Agenda are our most important references when it comes to sustainable cities and housing issues. IFHP is taking the role as an implementation agent of these goals. This means that we explain, translate and concretize the global agendas, by transforming them into practical action on a local scale- through projects, seminars and workshops with relevant partners in different countries.



What do we do?

IFHPs newest programme, Social Cities, develops a method to measure, design and implement socially sustainable solutions in collaboration with citizens, politicians and corporations. In IFHPs ‘Urban Labs’, members, cities, companies, and organisations present challenges within urban development, where IFHP brings independent expert knowledge from various sectors and nationalities to discuss the issue. These urban labs can take different forms, ranging from two-hour seminars to workshops lasting several days, and can result in different outcomes, ranging from reports, concrete actions, to further progress in dialogue between relevant actors in our network.

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Join us, contribute with your experience and let us make better cities for people together.

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Data & Privacy Policy

In accordance with the EU GDPR, effective from 25/5/2018, IFHP has updated our privacy & data policy. Our updated policy can be found here