Federation for
Housing and

IFHP Summit 2016

Thursday 10.11.2016 to Friday 11.11.2016
RDM Campus, RDM-kade 59, 3083 JR Rotterdam

The 2016 IFHP Summit gathers the BPD & IFHP Communities with members, contributors and partners. Join us & contribute with your perspectives on how to take the new urban agendas forward to ensure a better and more sustainable future of urban development.
The Summit is targeted at the 'New agendas for urban development' as we ​see emerging in cities, civil society, nations and as being advanced by United Nations programs. These will guide the efforts around urbanization for a broad range of actors for the years to come. Implementation of the new urban agendas will be challenging, and as active contributors to housing and planning development, it is our task to translate the guidelines on paper into implementation and action. 
The IFHP Summit is a partnership between BPD and IFHP.  Participants from both communities will meet, challenge and share perspectives to learn mutually. The future development of our cities requires actors willing to change and cooperate in a circular process from the onset. Will you educate yourself to be one of those actors? Then we'll see you at our summit! 

If you arrive on Wednesday evening, feel free to join the IFHP team at Bazar restaurant in Rotterdam around 8pm!


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Two days of knowledge exchanges

Day 1: Conference day, Rotterdam (Nov. 10th)
Location 1: RDM Rotterdam (see bottom of the page)
Location 2: Theater Walhalla (IFHP provides transport)
The first day of the summit will be an interactive one with presentations, discussions on practical cases and experience. The morning program will focus on what it takes to go from global to local agendas by improving urban knowledge base and stimulating the sharing of best practices and cooperation amongst cities and communities. 
During the afternoon workshops we in particular investigate three themes:
  • Making housing for all – affordable and inclusive
  • Making more space for housing - spatial limitation
  • Making within the existing housing stock
The aim of the first day of the summit is to translate ‘abstract themes’ into ‘actual implementation’. 

Day 2: Excursion day – Targeted at the international participants (Nov. 11th) 
Tour de Rotterdam - 9 am to 1 pm
On tour to explore selected urban areas of Rotterdam with development of mixed-use areas with housing stock in conjunction with business development. 
We kick-start the day with coffee and tea whilst listening to an introduction at the Office for Metropolitan Information (OMI), a public center for architecture and city culture. The OMI is located at Schieblock, a laboratory for urban development of the city of Rotterdam, which will be introduced to you by ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles). They will also introduce the Rotterdam Central District to you, in preperation for the walking tour. 
We will then walk to the roof of Schieblock, called the ‘Dak Akker’: the first and biggest harvestable roof in The Netherlands and Europe. The roof functions as a test-setup to experiment with different ways of ‘greenroofing’.
After this, we will start the walking excursion through the Rotterdam area of Hofbogen, an example of successful area development, specifically past the Luchtsingel and the Hofpleinlijn (find the 2km route here). Afterwards we will discuss the developments we looked at. Lastly, we will be able to listen to the people behind ’DE URBANISTEN’, an innovative office for urban research, design and landscape based in Rotterdam.
At the end of the excursion you will be provided with a lunch-to-go. 
There is the option for you to leave your luggage behind at the location we will make our walk tour from, so that you can check out from your hotel in the morning and go to the airport after the excursion is over.  

Venue & Practical information



IFHP stays at Mainport Design Hotel, Leuvehaven 77, Rotterdam, 3011 EA, Netherlands (show directions). 

We also recommend the following hotels, which are close to the venues: 


The first day of the congress will take place at RDM Rotterdam; RDM Campus, RDM-kade 59, 3083 JR Rotterdam. 
You will find directions in English if you come by car, by boat or by public transportation
There is the option to meet the IFHP staff at the Mainport Design Hotel on November 10 and walk to the waterbus together. We prepared a more detailed description of this option, which you can download here
Members of IFHP are free
Non-members: €100

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About BPD: 

As an area developer, the focus of Bouwfonds Property Development (BPD) has never been more clearly on ‘concept’ and ‘area development’; engaging clients and stakeholders, new forms of collaboration, but also on urban planning and land development. In the Netherlands and Germany, BPD is increasingly taking on the role of risk-bearing area developer. In France, they are active as a mixed-use building developer. In all their work, they continue to strive for excellent patronage. This entails an earlier handover of the operational development and actual realisation of apartments and housing units to the construction company in question. We furthermore contribute to urban transformations and inner city assignments, with a strong consideration for the quality of the surrounding area. After developing relatively simple locations, it is now time for the more ‘complex’ areas, such as industrial zones and port terminals. BPD’s challenge as being the Dutch market leader is to build quality housing at affordable prices, in the Netherlands but also in Germany and France. In 2016 BPD celebrates its 70th anniversary. 



For more information about the Summit, please contact CEO Anette Galskjøt ( from the IFHP team.