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A new chance for female survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse.

The project supports young women and children affected by the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2013 in which more than 1100 people died. Having survived the collapse, many of these young women have been unable to return to work in large factories due to the trauma and anxiety they experience as well as the physical disabilities they suffered as a result. Education and training is vital for these women to be able to rebuild their lives and improve their chances in the workforce.

Most of the women working in the Rana Plaza complex never received any formal schooling and have very weak, if any, reading and writing skills. When enough funding has been raised, a new class with 15-20 women will start an adult literacy program of 9 months.
Other groups of women receive cutting and tailoring classes from industry professionals. After successfully finishing the course, they are certified tailors. This enables them to start their own small businesses or to get jobs in the industry with a higher income than what they earned in the Rana Plaza, where they were just making one small part of a garment on an assembly lane.
The women are survivors of a catastrophe originating from a complex set of issues. In contrast to many other catastrophes in Bangladesh, the domestic climate is not exclusively to blame for the Rana Plaza collapse. It was a combination of problems including economic interests overriding those of the workforce and wider public, and a lack of good urban governance and rampant corruption – issues Bangladesh struggles to deal with.
IFHP and Meena Support work together to change the conditions of the affected women but at the same time emphasize the need for better urban planning and good governance, to avoid catastrophes like this in the future.
75 percent of this donation will go to the affected women and 25% to the advocacy work of IFHP.
The donations are used to support the education programme. That includes wages for teachers, rent of locations and learning materials in the tailor classes and the literacy classes but it also includes the cost of day-care for the little children of the women.

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