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Introducing the Goodwings - IFHP collaboration

You can now help fundraise to the benefit of IFHP when making your next hotel booking through Goodwings without it costing you any extra money!

Goodwings is a hotel booking-platform (like that saves the money that platforms like this usually spend on online advertising, and instead donate this money to charity. The good news is that you can chose where the money they save on your booking will be donated to, especially now you can donate to IFHP! Skip google and go directly to to book your hotel for the same price as you would pay on other platforms and donate the money you save to one of our two projects. 


You will feel good by making a charitable donation without spending extra money; we’ll feel good by knowing you are helping our projects in making better cities for everyone. 


It’s a Win-Win-Vacation!  



What is Goodwings? is a Danish start-up company providing a hotel booking platform that works in the same way as, for example,, etc. The difference between Goodwings and the others, is that Goodwings never spends money on advertising. Instead, they allocate the money usually spend on marketing practices, to making partnerships with Civil Society organisations that are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and that are continuously raising money for specific projects. 
These organisations receive the money that otherwise would have been spent on marketing. In return they commit to promote Goodwings to their networks.
The customer who books a hotel room pays the exact same price as they would when using one of the other platforms, but approximately 5% of this price is the donation, and in the end of the booking-process the customer can choose an organisation and a project that the donation will go to.
It is a win-win partnership for all parties involved! 

The Goodwings - IFHP Partnership 

We at IFHP are proud to announce that we are Goodwings’ first international partner. This means that international customers booking their hotels through Goodwings will get the chance to donate a share of their total booking price to IFHP-projects that are profiled on the Goodwings page. IFHP has teamed up with two different NGOs and agreed that 75% of a donation goes to their specific projects and 25% to the advocacy work of IFHP.  

The projects chosen as partner projects both link the motto of IFHP ‘Better Cities for All’ to the specific problems in cities by helping people improving their living conditions in the areas where they live. 

IFHP's Projects on 

Our first project is located in Bangladesh, and it supports young women and children who were affected by the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh in 2013. Our collaboration partner is Meena Support. Learn more about the Meena project!

The other project we are supporting is led by our partner Slumfighters International. It aims to create a more liveable and inclusive area in a slum in Kenya by transforming haunted halls into a community centre, where people can organize meetings and events.
Learn more about the Slumfighters project!


How can you help fundraise for IFHP through Goodwings?

Booking a hotelroom through goodwings is easy! Here is how it works: 
  1. Go to
  2. Find the city that you would like to book the hotel room in. 
  3. Book the room. 
  4. You are presented with the value of your donation are now able to directly donate it to the IFHP-supported-projects. 
  5. Pick your project and donate
  6. Enjoy your stay and the feeling of having contributed to 'Better Cities for All'!  

Goodwings for companies

Besides using Goodwings for your private travels, we would like to encourage you to start using Goodwings as the new go-to travel search engine in the organisation you belong to.
Goodwings operates through agreements with private businesses and public organizations and they are just now expanding their reach from Denmark to the rest of the world. You and your organisation can become pioneers in your country.
May this be of interest to you, then you can make a corporate agreement with Goodwings directly and agree to automatically donate to the IFHP-projects. Please contact Christian Møller-Holst ( directly if you’re interested in making such an agreement.  
We also encourage you to promote Goodwings in your network. 
Please spread the word about how we can make a difference for the world, while still travelling and not spending more money than we would using other hotel booking platforms.  

Remember this!

Please, remember that you must go to directly, when you want to book a hotel. Goodwings will usually not appear in the top list of google-results as they are not paying for it. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need more information or help when using Goodwings. At the IFHP office we are all dedicated Goodwings travellers and we hope that you will soon be too! 

For more information about IFHP's collaboration with Goodwings, please contact Thor Eriksen ( from the IFHP Team.