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The New Urban Agenda

The New Urban Agenda will guide the efforts around urbanization of a wide range of actors — nation states, city and regional leaders, international development funders, United Nations programmes and civil society — for the next 20 years. Inevitably, this agenda will also lay the groundwork for policies and approaches that will extend, and impact, far into the future. After four months of negotiations, the final draft of the NUA document has been released. The 24-page document seeks to provide a global two-decade vision on sustainable urbanization. 
Find a more elaborate explanation of the New Urban Agenda on the CityScope New urban Agenda webpage. 

NUA current status:

The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) held from 17 to 20 October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, successfully concluded with the adoption of the New Urban Agenda. Click here to go to the adopted draft of the NUA
Upon adoption of the NUA at Habitat III, the real work will begin. It is time to embrace and implement! 
Implementing the Urban Agenda means:
Urban Rules and Regulations. The outcomes in terms of quality of an urban settlement is dependent on the set of rules and regulations and its implementation. Proper urbanization requires the rule of law.
Urban Planning and Design. Establishing the adequate provision of common goods, including streets and open spaces, together with an efficient pattern of buildable plots.
Municipal Finance. For a good management and maintenance of the city, local fiscal systems should redistribute parts of the urban value generated.
With the consideration of:
National Urban Policies. These establish a connection between the dynamics of urbanization and the overall process of national development.

IFHP as implementation agent of the NUA

The 2016 IFHP Summit taking that took place in Rotterdam in November 2016 sought to take the New Urban Agenda further to ensure a better and more sustainable future of urban development. You can read a summary of the day and about the outcome here.