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Desperate Millions Flee Poverty, Persecution and Inequality

Hungary has a clear plan to face immigration: a four meters high fence, a physical closure 175 km long to protect its border with Serbia.

The decision has been taken despite the negotiations at the EU level ongoing. On Monday France sets blockade on Italian Serbia borders to stop illegal immigrants.


The article ‘Desperate Millions Flee Poverty, Persecution and Inequality’ by Joergen Oestroem Moeller, adjunct professor at the University of Copenhagen, gives a wide and clear overview of the challenges migrations are posing today on a global scale. Figures are impressive and the current debate at the European level is showing a certain weakness and uncertainty in the communitarian values and policies.


During the first weekend of June, crews rescued 3,400 migrants off the coast of Libya with media reporting a million more waiting to cross the Mediterranean. From 2005 to 2010 almost 9 million people moved to Europe. “The root causes behind the movement of people on such a vast scale are persecution and poverty, and both require coordinated moves by the world’s governments” comments the researcher Joergen Oestroem Moeller. His analysis is worth to be shared and we are pleased to publish it and encourage an international debate for the elaboration of long term strategies and actions for inclusive immigration policies around the world.


Desperate Millions Flee Poverty, Persecution and Inequality has been posted by YaleGlobal online 11. June 2015.


The author: Joergen Oerstroem Moeller is a visiting senior research fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore; adjunct professor with Singapore Management University & Copenhagen Business School; and honorary alumnus, University of Copenhagen.