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Posted: 20. June 2017

IFHP is pleased to report that our Urban Thinkers Campus on “The City Centre for Everyone” held 31st May – 2nd June 2017 in Belfast, was a great success. Read more about the outcome here.

You can also download the Powerpoint Presentations via this link. 

Posted: 19. June 2017

On Tuesday 20th June, IFHP was present as active contributor at the 'Swedish National Urban Forum': Towards a National Urban Policy focusing on Localizing Global Agendas, taking place in Stockholm.

Posted: 10. April 2017

On Thursday, March 30, the IFHP together with the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) organized a conference where stakeholders in Danish urban development; politicians, municipalities and business leaders, got together to discuss what Denmark should do with the global ‘urban agendas’. You can read the outcome of the event here.  

Posted: 05. April 2017

The deadline for nominations for the prestigieus LKY World City Prize is moved from March 31st to May 31st. Read what you can win, how to nominate someone and what the prize is all about here! 

Posted: 04. April 2017
IFHP now officially has 'lead partnership' status with the UN's World Urban Campaign (WUC). Read more about our long-standing relationship with the WUC and our upcoming WUC activity in the link. 

Posted: 06. March 2017

We are delighted to inform you that the new IFHP Council will take office April 1st 2017. The list this year includes 36 members from 21 different countries.

Posted: 03. March 2017

IFHP Council's Representative from India, Dr. Anil Kashyap was recently quoted in this interesting piece in the Sunday Deccan Herald, which discusses what factors come into play in the fluctuation of well-being between citizens of a particular city.

Posted: 03. February 2017

The Nodic post-Habitat III conference by Thinktank Global Utmaning resulted in a 'Nordic Declaration on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda'. Continue reading to learn more!



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