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IFHP Council Summit 2-4 June 2016 - Towards A New Urban Agenda - Outcome

IFHP Council Summit 2016 provided a platform for invited experts to engage and debate the role of IFHP in taking the New Urban Agenda recommendations forward – towards implementation.
A sense of urgency spread throughout the days, as the IFHP Council convened 2 – 3 June 2016 40 experts and professionals from private, public and academia to engage and debate the role of IFHP in taking The New Urban Agenda forward – towards implementation.
A number of key messages materialized during the days:
  • There is a divide between formal and informal political and economic systems that directly effects the ability of cities to develop in a sustainable manner. 
  • We need to acknowledge the need for transparency and trust. We need to deal with corruption.
  • Cities need to understand more than what citizens want. Most citizens look for a reasonable job and affordable home. What is important to the success of the individual is far from what cities need to do to develop successful communities.
  • We have to recognize that the long term plans can only be achieved through adaptive and flexible approaches and solutions that react to the increasing number of global shocks and risks.
  • Cities have to be constantly redefined. The New Urban Agenda does not stop at the municipal boarder. 
Understanding jointly what the New Urban Agenda is and why it is relevant for IFHP to engage led to reflections on how the well-known actors in urban development need to change roles themselves and allow other actors to act differently when collaborating, - the latter being the key to implementing the new Urban Agenda. The IFHP strategy is to become implementation agents of the agenda, with and by the actions of the IFHP community. 
Gary Klassen, IGFHP Council Member and general manager of the city of Edmonton, Canada wrapped the day up with this statement:
“There will be winners and losers based on the resolutions adopted given in the New Urban Agenda and it is up to organisations like the IFHP to help guide urban professionals through the complexity inherent in cities today and more so in the future.”
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More about the New Urban Agenda
The New Urban Agenda is a new model of urban development promoted by Habitat III to integrate all facets of sustainable development to promote equity, welfare and shared prosperity.