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IFHP Council Summit outcome

IFHP Council Summit, Paris

The best way to be ready for the future, is to join it. The Council Summit met in Paris last week of May and contributed immensely to the discussion of IFHP’s future. Here’s our immediate focus.

Gathered in Paris were 22 IFHP Council members from 13 countries and proxy forms from another 2 members from 2 additional countries. We furthermore had the honourable presence of 2 Council observers, 3 IFHP Board Members, 4 ordinary members and 5 employees from the IFHP Office in Copenhagen.


This proved a solid platform for the kick-off of the future IFHP!


IFHP President Flemming Borreskov opened the Summit together with the President of COFHUAT Francois Leblond. COFHUAT contributed intensely with the planning and executing of IFHP’s meetings and the site-visit Saturday.


Three sessions with Council and Board members moderating and presenting turned attention to the present situation and potential development of IFHP. Many interesting, provoking, obvious as well as realistic and unrealistic proposals and ideas saw daylight.


IFHP has come far, but in the 21st century development is something you constantly need to deal with. A few major milestones are:

  • Strategic Action Plan, new articles and a new governance structure in 2010
  • IFHP Council elected a new Presidency and a new Board
  • Membership elected a new Council for the period 2011 – 2014
  • A framework of agendas and structured activities within these seven agendas by 2011
  • 2012 was preparing for our Centenary peaking with the Congress at the University College London in June 2013
  • In 2013 a new CEO moved in and we established a local office in Copenhagen by September 2014
  • Realdania as strategic partner and grantor for the period 2014 through 2016
  • Membership elected a new and engaged Council of 49 members for the period 2014 – 2017


However, looking forward we also have many, many things to accomplish which the discussion and sessions touched upon:

  • To finalize a new business plan for 2015-2017
  • Membership and IFHP community building


And we have unquestionable strengths we need to capitalize:

  • A number of valuable positons and opportunities
  • Our history and origin in a social movement
  • Our community with committed stakeholders, influencers, experts, enthusiasts and engaged individuals within the broad field of housing and urban issues


Immediate focus after the Council Summit

To develop and strengthen the future of IFHP. IFHP should be more on top of everybody’s mind. We have to increase our capacity on the overall communication and marketing. We need to connect more internationally. And we need to focus on a strategic direction for content.


The second focus will be improving the member’s satisfaction. We are lucky to have excellent global experts on housing and planning as members. But we need to recruit, engage and retain the younger generations to build IFHP to greater heights in the future. We have to improve our membership database in general and improve satisfaction by using their approach, clusters of competencies to instigate positive change in urban environments towards an improved quality of life. We need to share, explore, connect and interact to fit members’ needs and expectations.
We can achieve this together. IFHP is all of us, from local members, staff, leadership with Board and Council. We need to connect to partners and together we can build the relevant community to the benefit of all.  We have different tasks, but all contributions are needed.


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