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IFHP Housing Refugee - 2015

Learnings 2015
Autumn 2015, IFHP has initiated a conversation on the urgent topic of housing refugees in the EU by involving international community of housing and planning professionals. 
Needless to say much more, flows of people from the Middle East, North and Central African conflict areas arrive to the EU’s borders every day. It is a major challenge to accommodate record numbers of people in both temporary and permanent housing. Many countries are already under pressure to provide social and affordable housing for their own populations and varying national measures and perspectives on how to provide adequate housing for refugees, the European response is somewhat fragmented. On other continents it may not be refugees, but migrants from rural areas to cities or people moving due to climate changes. Unfortunately we dare claim we all know of the challenges of migrants flows. 
We recognize this will not be fixed, done and dealt with. The migrants flows have come to stay. It will therefore be of importance to be agile and adjust. The situation and the challenges need to be continuously reviewed. By nations, cities, towns, professionals, politicians and people. 
The IFHP Housing Refugee Programme took form in the autumn of 2015. Here you can get an update on the activities and results. 
You can also move directly to the IFHP One (report) which wraps up the reports mentioned below.  
  1. Report 1,(baseline) based on the analysis of questionnaires which 10 European countries responded to (September 2015)
    The report pinpointed 3 trends across Europe: 
    a. Housing Policy and allocation of affordable housing
    b. Planning and associated regulations
    c. Housing and integration
  2. LAB 1, in Deventer, Netherlands in conjuntion with ISOCARP pre-congress (October 19-20 2015)
    Check out the list of participants and access their presentations
    With the 3 trends (above mentioned) as a baseline, we discussed and worked on considerations (preliminary version), we shared at 
  3. A matchmaking session at the 51st ISOCARP congress (October 22 2015), which led to enlarging the network of professionals signing up to join this conversation. 
  4. Report 2 which wraps up the discussions at the Lab 1 and explains in more details the considerations
  5. The IFHP Summit in Berlin, where we concluded Europe faces identical challenges
  6. Lauched a blog, - to discuss relevant challenges and feed the discussion. 

Check out what we are doing in 2016 +, and let us know if you are interested in joining. All experience and contributions are needed. This cannot be done without you. 

For more information
Contact Council member Huibert Haccou or Christina Krog from the IFHP Team.