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IFHP participates in 25th EAROPH World Congress

Being an official partner organization, EAROPH invited IFHP and its members earlier this year to participate in their 25th World Congress, taking from 9th-11th of August 2016.
We gladly accepted this invitation and are happy to be present in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia the coming days. Christina Krog will represent IFHP and participate in the EAROPH (Eastern Regional Organization for Planning & Human Settlements) congress along with IFHP ambassador William Lau. 

IFHP presentation on Housing Affordability and Segregation

On the first day of the congress, Christina will present at 10:30 in the Lead Paper 1 session on 'Housing affordability and segregation’. The abstract of her talk: 
"Urban trends and behaviors challenge our lives in the cities. We are in a time of in between as the existing models for urban development are unable to cope with new needs, whilst new paradigm are not yet established. In many different shapes and sizes, we see a pattern in urban living with major consequences that affect everyone. Attention is turned to the role of housing in UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda to address the lack of decent affordable housing and the impact of segregated communities in cities throughout the world. However challenging it may be, we strive to plan for social cohesive and inclusive cities. This presentation will touch upon some of the main challenges and the repercussions, and the potential solutions urban professionals can plan and design for social interaction and open communities. Though it may not be a new paradigm, it does require the willful change of behavior for all.
IFHP is about making cities better for people. We advocate for people and social cohesiveness, as a city cannot function and thrive without diversity at all levels. The focus is on housing for all in the city. It is in our DNA and we will continue to be so. Sustainability is our concern. For a city to become truly sustainable, three aspects are necessary: People, Planet and Profit, supplemented with a focus on social cohesiveness and inclusiveness. With UN Habitat New Urban Agenda (NUA) and SDG 11, the platform for social inclusive city is set. IFHP is driven to take this forward. This is why we do so and are passionate about it."
An IFHP report on the same topic, written and edited by Andreia Fidalgo of IFHP, will be made available to all congress participants. We highly reccomend reading this report, which you can download here

About the EAROPH Congress: 

'Our Urban Futures – Sustainable and Resilient', the theme for EAROPH World Congres 2016, examines changes in the ways cities and regions must be planned, built, managed and lived, in creating the balance between growth and development with the managing of our natural assets to increase resilience. The 2-day congress in particular shall focus on inclusion, innovation and leadership, while covering other wide ranges of themes that integrate multiple needs to benefit a range of stakeholders. 
Read more about the congress in the attachment
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