Federation for
Housing and

Introducing the new IFHP board members

We are pleased to introduce our two new board members.

IFHP Ordinary Council Meeting was held the 9th of Sepember 2017 in Singapore where two new Board Members were elected. We wish to welcome Klaus Peter Hillebrand, Manager (board member) of BBU (Association of Housing Companies in Berlin-Brandenburg) and Gary Klassen, General Manager of Sustainable development- City of Edmonton.

Arun Jain and Heikki Hirvonen resign as Board Members. IFHP wishes to thank Arun and Heikki for their work:
The president thanks Arun for his contributions to IFHP. Thanks especially for contributing to and sticking with us all the different business plans.
The president also thanks Heikki for his contributions to IFHP. Thanks especially for reminding us about the relevance of IFHP to the younger people.
Both Arun and Heikki will stay part of the close network at IFHP.

Find out more about the IFHP board here