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Join IFHP before July 15 to run for council member next year

Join IFHP, a global community of professionals and experts sharing a passion for making cities better for people.
Next year (January 2017) IFHP will hold council elections and if you wish to run for council member, you have to be signed up as a regular member before 15 July 2016. As a council member you represent your country (max. 3 persons per country) and the broader community of build-environment professionals during IFHP events and during the annual council meeting which takes place at different locations around the world. 
As member of the IFHP Council, you are in a powerful position; determining the topics IFHP focuses on, electing the board that supervises the daily activities of the IFHP and you will be representing IFHP wherever you go. Besides, you will automatically become part of a network of experienced and influential housing and planning professionals from all corners of the world. 
You might just want to become member of IFHP to enjoy all the benefits of our legacy, our network, the activities we organize and the digested newsfeed we provide you with. 
To learn more about the benefits of an IFHP membership, click here. 

Our community welcomes you! 

Our community exists of built environment & planning professionals from the triple helix: universities, industries and governments. Think: scholars, architects, civil servants, engineers, urban planners, developers, sociologists etc. Our activities, be it urban labs, debates or lectures, are at the center of this helix; connecting eager and forward-thinking experts from the different fields. In the meantime, we maintain and feed a lively network of members and devotees, do research (sometimes on commission, sometimes because we deem it necessary) and represent our community at institutions like the World Economic Forum or UN Habitat. 

Young members 

We especially encourage young people (starters and students alike) to sign up as member, since being an IFHP member can open doors early in your career through access to our many contacts and strong community. 
At the same time IFHP is currently shaping its future by changing the topics we discuss and methods we use when discussing issues such as cities, migration and housing for all. We need young members to build on the IFHP legacy. The IFHP office staff is eager to work together with you to lead the way for the IFHP community into the 21st century.  

Discount for juniors, seniors and members from certain countries 

There are 3 different types of membership at the International Federation of Housing and Planning. You can become a basic member, premium member or corporate member. For the basic membership category, different discounts apply (e.g. for students, representatives of educational institutions and members from low-income countries). 
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For more information about IFHP membership, IFHP council membership or the IFHP in general: don’t hesitate and contact us! You can send an email to Dorte Bøgelund Petersen, IFHP community manager, at