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OUTCOME: Urban Thinkers Campus Belfast

The IFHP Urban Thinkers Campus Belfast on “The City Centre for Everyone” successfully gathered an international community of over a 100 planners, architects, scholars etc. to formulated an Action Plan. Find the free Outcome Report and presentations below.
The objective of the Belfast Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) was to assist the implementation stage of the New Urban Agenda by focusing on several of the World Urban Campaign’s “The City We Need” principles, namely how to make cities more:
  1. Socially inclusive and engaging;
  2. Affordable, equitable and inclusive;
  3. Economically vibrant and inclusive; and
  4. Safe, healthy and promoting well-being.
This Urban Thinkers Campus was held in partnership with the Belfast City Council; the Royal Town Planning Institute; the Town and Country Planning Association; Ulster University; the Royal Society of Ulster Architects; the Academy of Urbanism; the Ministerial Advisory Group; the Commonwealth Association of Planners; the Institute of Civil Engineers; and the Irish Planning Institute.
34 professionals in the fields of urban planning, economic development, architecture, housing, urban governance and leadership participated as Speakers and Urban Lab Leaders, sharing their knowledge, raising questions, and challenging the participants to express their concerns and their visions, in order to identify potential solutions through a collective effort and to agree in actions that will assist in making cities more cohesive, inclusive and fair to everyone.
Over one hundred delegates attended the event. There was good representation from the key stakeholder groups including: politicians; Non-Governmental Organizations; the voluntary sector; the private sector; academics; students; community leaders; and practitioners in housing, planning, built environment, education and economic development.

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Take a closer read of the outcome of the IFHP Urban Thinkers Campus in Belfast and Dublin in our Outcome Report. The Report elaborates on the agreed upon Action Plans that resulted from the 3-day event comprising of presentations, discussions, study tours and informal conversations. You can read how exactly the main action points were drafted in the 5 different urban labds, which served as vehicles for gathering the thoughts and input of both our experts and participants. 

Download the Outcome Report here!

You will find the Executive summary on page 5. 

Available Speakers Presentations 

*Note that some presentations are currently unavailable. Once they become available you will be able to download them here. 

Opening Plenary: What are the Issues in the “City for Everyone”?
Suzanne Wylie CEO Belfast City Council
Roundtable discussion about Belfast , Copenhagen and Gothenburg’s central cities: 
  • Gothenburg, Bo Aronsson, Senior Consultant, Gothenburg City Planning Authority, Sweden. 
  • Copenhagen, Flemming Borreskov, President of the International Federation for Housing and Planning, Denmark. 
  • Nuala Gallagher, Director of City Centre Development, United Kingdom
Urban Thinkers Session 1 – Housing for Everyone in the Central City
Urban Thinkers Session 2 – Planning4people: Time to Reinvent Social Town Planning
- TCPA, The Origins Of Planning, and Why We Need To Re-create Social Town Planning, Kate Henderson, CEO of Town and Country Planning Association
Urban Thinkers Session 3 – Health, Wellbeing and Planning for the Inner City
- Health, Wellbeing and Planning for the Inner City, Trudi Elliott, CEO of Royal Town Planning Institute
Urban Thinkers Session 4 – Widening Access ad Building Skills: Opportunities for the Inner City
Dr Duncan Morrow, Dir of Community Engagement, Ulster University
Urban Thinkers Session 5 - Integrating People and Place
Andrew Haley, Landscape Architect and Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Group
Urban Thinkers Session 6 - Community Connectivity with the City – Dublin Case Study
- Community, Connectivity with the City: Dublin Case Study, Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect
Urban Thinkers Session 7 - The City for All: the New Culture of Urbanism
- A New Culture of Urbanism part 1 & part 2, Kevin Murray, Director Academy of Urbanism and Chair of the Scottish Planning Skills Forum
Urban Lab 1 – At Belfast Harbour Offices on theme of “Education, Employment and Employability”. Led by Ulster University
Urban Lab 2 – At Clanmil Offices on theme of “Housing – the Social and Tenure Mix and Integration”. Led by International Federation for Housing and Planning
Urban Lab 3 – At Ulster University on theme of “Health and Wellbeing of Inner City Communities” – Led by Royal Town Planning Institute and the Town and Country Planning Association
Urban Lab 4 – At RICS Offices on theme of “Community Leadership and Participation in City Governance – Led by Queens University Belfast
Urban Lab 5 – At Ulster Reform Club on theme of “Physical Integration of the City Centre with the Inner City – Led by the Academy of Urbanism
DAY 3 (Field Trip to Dublin) 

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