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Public Space project “Must Seed” in Dandora

Dandora, Nairobi. Placemaking

Selected for implementation at the Making Cities Together Lab in Nairobi.

Last week (May 4th-8th) the Placemaking Design Lab of the Making Cities Together project on public space in Nairobi took place. International experts, local experts and local organisations worked together on three selected public spaces: the streets of Korochogo, the court yards in Dandora and the JeevanJee park in the CBD of Nairobi.


It was an intense week, with workshops and lectures at the UN Habitat compound and the Memorial Park in the city centre, fieldtrips, a business-event and on Friday the final presentations during a public event at Naipolitans’ platform in the Memorial Park. At the end of the week, after this productive workshop the proposal of the designteam of Dandora was selected for implementation by a jury consisting of representatives of some of the (future) stakeholders of the project Placemakers, the International New Town Institute, Un Habitat, The Technical University of Kenya DASUDA, Philips and Kounkuey Design Initiative.


“Must Seed” is a strategy for up-scaling the model of the Mustard Seeds Courtyards; from the courtyards to the streets to the neighbourhood with the leave-way,the dumpsite. The future vision even includes the scale of the city through the transformation of the area around the nearby station and innovative re-use of the closely connected abandoned factories.


The strategy shows a realistic roadmap of implementing the expertise of the local organisation on the different scales of the public scale of the neighbourhood.


The organisers of Making Cities Together (Placemakers, International New Town Institute and IFHP) will work closely together with the local organisations on the first step of the realisation of “Must Seed” in Dandora.


DASUDA, UN Habitat and the local government are the main partners in the implementation of this model, which will be an example for other neighbourhoods in Nairobi and other cities in Kenya.