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Posted: 03. October 2016

IFHP is calling on its community to come forward with abstracts related to urban water management from cities as well as from academics.

Posted: 22. August 2016

 IFHP celebrates 103 years and Habitat III.

Posted: 05. August 2016

IFHP will be present at the EAROPH congress in Malaysia the coming days. 

Posted: 01. July 2016

The IFHP Gothenburg Lab was held with the purpose to discuss different solutions for affordable housing, local production and consumption and interactions in a city. Here you'll find the outcome of the event and subsequent recommendations.  

Posted: 01. July 2016

At the UK's Town and Country Planning Association, we are re-launching our campaign to put people back at the heart of planning.

Posted: 27. June 2016

The publication of the zero draft of the New Urban Agenda is now available and opens the next chapter of the Habitat III roadmap.

Posted: 27. June 2016

IFHP is proud to announce that we now join forces with the Global Planners Network: a coalition of international and national organizations in the field of planning.

Posted: 22. June 2016
When a highly respected, international panel debated the role of urban innovations at BloxHub in Copenhagen, some progressive future solutions were brought forward.



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