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Sweden advances a National Urban Policy focusing on localizing global agendas

On Tuesday 20th June, IFHP will be present as active contributor at the Swedish National Urban Forum: Towards a National Urban Policy focusing on Localizing Global Agendas, taking place in Stockholm.

You can find more information about the Localizing Global Agendas event on the event page


The event:

Here Sweden is a Nordic taking a lead on convening a National Urban Forum where a Swedish draft National Urban Policy is being set forward. The draft is based on the Nordic Declaration on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda, which was adopted in December 2016, and is underpinned by the Nordic Urban Ways report on local leadership, governance and management for a sustainable urban future.

Global Utmaning has identified four areas of particular importance for local implementation of global agendas;

  • global health and well-being
  • urban development
  • youth participation
  • sustainable financing

On this occasion the new Global Utmaning report 12 Pathways to Global Health – From Evidence to Policy will be launched.

It calls for a social and local focus in the implementation of the global agendas, in order to leave no one behind. 

This event and effort is being advanced and organized by Swedish think tank Global Utmaning together with Habitat III.


IFHP Involvement:

IFHP is amongst the array of collaboration partners.

IFHP’s very own Regitze Marianne Hess, Special Advisor, will be contributing as one of several multi-stakeholder commentators.

IFHP is tasked with commenting on behalf of professionals. This follows in line with IFHP’s engagement in the Habitat Professionals Forum.

And is this one way how IFHP is serving as an implementation agent of the New Urban Agenda.