Federation for
Housing and

A Hundred Years at the Global Spearhead: A Century of IFHP 1913 - 2013

By Graham Allan, English Council representatives of IFHP.

"The book at hand conveys the history of the IFHP documenting the development of the organisation through a century. Since the very beginning, the IFHP’s driving force has been rooted in the desire to create good communities, not alone through the betterment of the physical built environment, but also the betterment of overall living conditions, from what we would see as social, economic and environmental sustainability. As one of the first organisations focusing on human settlement issues from an international perspective, the IFHP has continuously sought to address the housing and planning challenges of the day, and to create understanding of the most dominant urban issues of its time.” Flemming Borreskov, IFHP President.


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