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IFHP Ones: IFHP London Lab

In May 2017, the IFHP together with the Housing Working Group organized a three day- long Urban Lab in London, UK, where issues of urban regeneration were discussed under the heading: “What comes first – physical or social regeneration?”.


Urban Thinkers Campus: Belfast - Report

The IFHP, together with its partners, hosted an Urban Thinkers Campus this Spring in Belfast, from May 31st to June 2nd, on the overall theme of “The City Centre for Everyone”.


Housing in Denmark

Published in 2007 in conjunction with IFHP 2007 Copenhagen Congress, two IFHP downloads are now available online.
“Housing in Denmark” gives an overview of Danish housing which, now in 2017, 10 years later, is still relevant.


Spatial Planning in Denmark

“Spatial Planning in Denmark” amongst other things, describes the revised “Fingerplan", which Danish authorities are again updating. In order to work towards Housing for All we have to touch upon ‘connectivity’ and ‘proximity’ to public transit o mass transit.


The AirBnb Impact on Housing and Tourism

In this project, we focus on the impacts that the sharing economy platform, Airbnb, can have on the housing and tourism markets in Copenhagen, a provider of travel accommodation and a pioneer of the sharing economy.