Global cities are built on local solutions



We are currently collecting and writing about the most inspiring liveable city solutions.
If you are a part of one or know one that deserves to be shared, let us know here.

What is a liveable city solution?

A liveable city has affordable housing, spaces for people and nature, room for diversity, clean air inside and outside. It gives you access to the services and amenities you need, and there are jobs that you can commute to and from. It’s a city where you feel safe and as a part of a community, where you feel that your opinions are heard and wanted.

What makes your city liveable?

We would love to hear about solutions- big and small - that enhance the feeling of liveability in your city. By sharing local solutions, we can inspire each other to create more liveable cities on a global scale.

The accumulation of solutions is based on a non-scientific approach. You can nominate a solution, even if you haven’t been a part of creating it.

We will do additional research and write up the solution.



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