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Posted: 2013-02-27
Articles - IFHP will establish a strong presence among 20,000 readers by joining Cities Today.
Posted: 2013-01-14
Event - April 22–24, 2013
Partner event: The second Housing Forum Europe and Central Asia, Palais des Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland.
Posted: 2012-11-16
Event - July 15-19, 2013
Partner event: AESOP/ACSP cordially invite you to Dublin.
Posted: 2012-10-16
Blog - YTK, Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group ( at Aalto University has organised annual Summer School on Urban Planning and Design under the auspices of IFHP for 17 years now. This traditional cooperation has brought a lot of benefits over the years  –  among others it has provided valuable educational experience for YTK since Summer School has been one of the few master level courses the research group has organised.
Posted: 2012-07-09
Blog - In an international environment where cities are in strong competition with each other, having strategic partners that you can grow with seems to be important for most cities. At the World Cities Summit in Singapore 2012, the mayor of Malmø, Ilmar Reepalu, and the mayor of culture and leisure in Copenhagen, Pia Allerslev – two of the runner-ups for the Lee Kuan Yew City Prize - reflected on the preconditions for making a successful cooperation with a neighboring city: Mrs. Allerslev:
Posted: 2012-05-22
Blog - The New Cities Summit: dedicated to improving the quality of life and work in the 21st-century global city
Posted: 2012-05-21
Blog - Montréal is investing in a major design event for the city's 375th anniversary in 2017
Posted: 2012-02-21
Event - From 28 to 31 May, the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul-PUCRS in Porto Alegre hosted the 2nd International Congress on Sustainability and Affordable Housing – CHIS 2012. The CHIS was organized by the Affordable Housing and Sustainability Research Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) and linked to its Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU). The Conference was an international scientific event that addressed issues related to public policies in the area of affordable housing and the driving principles of sustainability.  
Posted: 2012-01-30
Event - The International Urban Planning and Environment Association’s 10th Symposium will be held in Sydney, Australia during July 24-27, 2012. The overarching focus for UPE 10 is the Next City: Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future, and research or practice based papers will address socio-cultural, economic, ecological, and governance aspects of this theme.
Posted: 2011-12-05
Event - The Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH) 2012 World Congress takes place from October 17-19, 2012 in Daegu South Korea. More info including registration details, conference programme and practical details on the conference website or download the conference brochure (pdf)  
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