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What is the IFHP Urban Lab?

At the IFHP Urban Lab we work with our community in a coordinated process of 'Research, Local Action, Future Change'. Join us by bringing your challenge to the table and gain new perspectives and ideas for the cities of tomorrow.

IFHP Urban Lab is a way of identifying, understanding and addressing the complexities of urban challenges. Through investigations, workshops and exhibitions our Labs work with specific practical issues within a specific local context. Sourcing the knowledge of the IFHP Community, the Labs apply collaborative, interdisciplinary and creative approaches, involving relevant stakeholders. 

Global Partners

As a global partner or sponsor of an Urban Lab you can tap into a strong professional network in cities all over the world. Its a great way to learn about the local context and planning systems, work in a multidisciplinary context and develop relationships with both local stakeholders and global networks.  This is a way of bringing the local into the global. 

Local Sponsors

As a local partner or sponsor of an Urban Lab you have the chance to source inspiration and input from international experts and networks of professionals, businesses and organisations working with housing and planning. Labs offer a unique platform for knowledge exchange, possible solutions and input on how to implement. Inspirations and inputs from around the world. 


Experience from a Lab

The India Urban Lab led to an action plan on how to inform the policy making at city level. The Urban Lab in Bangalore (October 2015) focused on water resilience. Bangalore is a rapidly urbanising city, with no natural fresh water sources, while subject to heavy floods. The main question for the Lab was to challenge the thinking on the city’s ability to secure clean drinking water and at the same time become a livable and flood resilient city.  
First stage: Local experts prepared an overview of the water challenges and opportunities facing Bangalore, and identified two investigation sites where they explored how strategic design thinking could integrate natural systems and informal settlements. Second stage: the sectoral, local and international experts created an action plan to critically inform the process of policy-making at the city level. 
For more information about the IFHP Urban Lab, please contact the IFHP team.