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Who we are

We are the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), a non-governmental network organisation that's broking knowledge in the field of Housing and Planning. We aim at making better cities for people by implementing the New Urban Agenda together with our membership and partners through connecting the right stakeholders, curating information for our community-of-experts and by organizing tailor-made events.  


IFHP is a 103-old global network of urban professionals, who work to make cities better for people. We originate from the Garden City movement and our community consists of both private, public and academic urban stakeholders. When Sir Ebenezer Howard founded the IFHP in 1913 he was aiming to create better, greener and more inclusive cities. Until this day we advocate social sustainability and Housing for All. 

We have been connected to UN-institutions since the early 1950s and we work closely with the UN agenda on cities, especially Sustainable Development Goal 11 and the New Urban Agenda, which is endorsed by UN Assembly as the agenda for urban development in the 21st century.  We act as a worldwide implementation agent of the New Urban Agenda, by focusing on social resiliency to create Housing for all. 

In 2017 we take this forward with our community. Together we design and conduct urban labs and smaller conferences focusing on how to accommodate Housing for All and by ensuring conversations, solutions and methods we contribute to implementation of the New Urban Agenda. 

On-stage we engage in global and local discussions together with partners, our community, national chapters and sister-organizations. We share knowledge between us to inspire and are constantly on the watch for new solutions and methods taken forward by our community. 


Please join us to better accommodate the exploding need for ' Housing For All' and to effectively implement The New Urban Agenda. 


Our activities in 2017 - 2020 

Labs, meetings, summer school courses and conferences are among our activities planned to take place in 2017 in co-creation with our community of members, partners and national chapters. Keep an eye on our online calendar. Some events are open to all, some are by invitation only. Please do not hesitate to contact us with proposals, ideas, invitations and contributions. Start by checking out our latest ONE on affordability and segregation

Sign up for the newsletter and follow us on social media to be notified about activities and calls for participation. Our website offers a wide range of blog posts, reports and articles for you to access. 


Why do we do as we do? 

At IFHP we do what we do to make cities better for people. We advocate for people and social cohesiveness as we believe a city cannot function and thrive without diversity at all levels. We do so with a focus on housing for all in the city. It has always been our DNA to do so and it will continue to be so. 

Sustainability is of our concern. For a city to become truly sustainable the three usual sustainability aspects [People, Planet, Profit] are supplemented with a focus on social cohesiveness and inclusiveness. With The New Urban Agenda (NUA) and SDG 11 the platform for ‘the social inclusive city’ is set, yet lacking a focus on concrete solutions implementing the agenda. IFHP is driven by taking this forward, and we have the experience and community to fill this gap. 

This is why we do as we do, and are passionate about it.

Making implementation happen with IFHP 

We are an implementation agent of the New Urban Agenda driven by our goal of ‘Housing for all’. This means that we will pinpoint the need to concentrate on the issues the Agenda focusses on and that we will put together the forums that are able to take relevant decisions and implementation forward. 

In order to facilitate these forums, we will gather and align our membership (e.g. in ‘Urban Labs’ where we form temporary think tanks). Our membership represents spans across sectors and by calling on it for solutions we are able to bridge any inter-sectorial knowledge gaps. This makes us a highly valuable network, assisting those organisations that wish to be drivers of change to achieve their goals. 

The benefit for your company or for you as a planning professional, is that through us you have access to our network at large and to previous cases of successful implementation that could serve as an example to you. Because of our neutral, un-political status, we are in the position to connect public and private organisations more easily, thereby accelerating the implementation process of the New Urban Agenda. 


Join us, contribute with your experience and let us make better cities for people together. 


Community & topics

The recent years IFHP has investigated selected topics within housing. In particular, three topics were: 

  • Interactive Housing 
  • Housing of vulnerable groups 
  • Urban Governance 

We have joined forces with the relevant partners, e.g. ISOCARPWorld Urban CampaignEAROPHECTP-CEUTCPA, BOBY, ByplanlaboratorietCofhuatFraunhofer InstituteAalto University and Tampere University of Technology and many more academic and research institutions. We are proud of our private sector members who we consider essential urban stakeholders and together we co-create activities and events to investigate the urban governance of the 21st century. 


Find out more

Navigate through the top-column to find out more about our methodology, the topics of 2016, our publications and much more! You can also check out the short film about IFHP in French, Spanish or Mandarin. 

If you cannot find the information you are looking for or if you would like to talk to us, we are more than happy to help you. Please find our contact details here



For more information about the IFHP, please contact CEO Anette Galskjøt ( from the IFHP team.