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We want to co-create liveable cities for all


The International Federation for Housing and Planning’s vision is to co-create liveable cities for all. We do this by connecting urban professionals, sharing tools and knowledge, and inspiring more action through the communication of new solutions. This is not a new mission.

Out of the smog of London…

IFHP originates from the Garden City Movement, which was founded by Sir Ebenezer Howard in 1913 in London. He wished to create better, greener, and more inclusive cities, and his vision is still fueling the organization today.

We advocate balancing environmental and economic sustainability with social sustainability. We do so because we believe that all people - regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, and abilities - should have the opportunity to live free, healthy and decent lives in cities.


… into today’s liveable cities

The members of IFHP are all thinkers and doers within housing and planning. City planners, architects, politicians, academia, and citizens, who can help identify threats and create solutions for liveable cities.

We know that all over the world, people are passionate about co-creating city solutions. We believe that it is when different viewpoints, expertise, and ideas meet that we can create liveable cities for all.

Our board is a passionate group of people who have worked on promoting this agenda in different geographical contexts. Meet them here.


We connect urban professionals

We are a community for people from across the field of planning and housing, who are working on creating liveable cities for all.


We share insights, tools and solutions

We explore new issues and advance inclusive policies. We share what we learn along the way so that you can benefit from what others in the field know.


We inspire more action through the communication of new solutions

With your help, we gather liveable city solutions and make them accessible to all members to inspire more action.

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We’re just around the block…

IFHP is international at heart, but we reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are part of the urban cluster workspace, BLOXHUB. BLOXHUB is the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization, built in the hope that different organizations can inspire each other in our pursuit to create liveable cites.

PHONE (+45) 31397007
EMAIL info@ifhp.org

IFHP, Bryghuspladsen 8, Entrance C, 3rd floor,
1473 Copenhagen K, Denmark


Members & Partners

Our partners work tirelessly on creating the building blocks for liveable cities.
We are proud to call them our co-creators.

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