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Social Cities Index

Measure what matters.

While we have developed standards and tools for measuring the environmental and economic dimensions of a city, the tools for measuring the social dimension have long been missing.

The Social City Index lets you measure the social indicators of your city. It turns soft and often fragmented data into action points. The Social City Index shows you where your city has strengths and where there is potential for growth.

It creates a baseline from where the right solutions for your city can be developed.

Social Cities: Turns fragmented data into action


The Social Cities Index

We translate soft and fragmented data into an easy-to-read diagnosis of your city, its neighborhoods, and the housing situation.

Outcome: A baseline for the social sustainability of your city.


The ideation lab

In an ideation lab, we invite relevant stakeholders to co-create solutions to improve the social sustainability of your city.

Outcome: A co-creation process tailored to your city’s needs.


The best-practice platform

The IFHP knowledge-sharing platform is a collection of best-practice in the field of creating social cities.

Outcome: Easy-to-access solutions, ready to be scaled and tailored to your city’s needs.


Methods for change

Developed by arki-Lab

arki_lab is an interdisciplinary urban design studio with a strong focus on democratic processes. They uncover local knowledge through engaging tools and turn dreams into urban interventions, design, and strategies. Look into their tools to learn how you can co-create your city.

Social Progress Index

Developed by Social Progress Imperative

The Social Progress Index is a new way to define the success of our societies. It is a comprehensive measure of real quality of life, independent of economic indicators. The Social Progress Index is designed to complement, rather than replace, economic measures such as GDP.

The Social Progress Imperative is a global nonprofit based in Washington, DC. It provides decision-makers and everyday citizens with the very best data on the social and environmental health of their societies and helps them prioritize actions that accelerate social progress.


Green Map

Developed by Green Map System

Join hundreds of local Green Mapmakers in 65 countries who are already producing powerful maps and projects using Green Map’s award-winning icons, tools and mapping platform! 


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”IFHP’s Social Cities has helped put social sustainability on the agenda in the municipality of Aalborg. The social city index has been a great tool to qualify how we measure a relatively qualitative term such as social sustainability.”

Louise Ladefoged - Cand.scient.soc in Aalborg Kommune

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