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IFHP Monthly Newsletter

Regular Newsletter

Regular newsletters provide updates on IFHP’s latest and greatest happenings, members’ advertisements, details of recent and upcoming activities, publications and projects. Released four times a year.


Thematic Newsletter

Thematic newsletters cover a single theme or subject area. In our first thematic news wave, you could for example dip your toe into the Nordic Countries that are often the vanguard when it comes to green urban development. In general, content in our thematic newsletter can vary from short, breezy articles to lengthy features that have the rigor of scientific papers. Released twice a year.


The audience

The audience for our newsletters has a broad interest in cities, housing, planning and urban development. Stories and articles usually delve into detail, use appropriate jargon and present information not readily available in popular media.


We hope that you will enjoy reading the newsletters and if you have comments, questions, or ideas for things that you think we should include, please do not hesitate to write to us.




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