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Posted: 27. February 2013

If you are considering supporting IFHP, please take a minute to read a statement from Walter de Boer, Chairman of the Executive Board at Bouwfonds Property Development on why they decided to support IFHP.

Posted: 19. February 2013
Registration is now open for the IFHP Centenary Congress

Registration is now open for the 2013 IFHP Centenary Congress: ‘A tomorrow for cities: for people by people’ held between the 8th and 11th June 2013 in London. Register now to get your Early Bird discount.

Posted: 06. February 2013
Pia Bechsgaard

In the role of Media Manager, Pia Bechsgaard aims at bridging the gap between IFHP and digital platforms.

Posted: 04. February 2013
The Spontaneous City International (SPcitI)

IFHP working group ‘Spontaneous City’ opens a new website to show its international activities both at IFHP and other events.

Posted: 31. January 2013
The next ordinary IFHP Council meeting is to be held on Sunday 9th June 2013

Convening of IFHP Council on Sunday 9th June 2013, in London, UK.

Posted: 31. January 2013
Melbourne have received so much praise the recent years

Over the last decade Melbourne has implemented a whole range of initiatives, which have made it one of the world's most attractive cities to live in. We asked Rob Adams, Director of Design and urban environment for City of Melbourne and Simon Goddard, Project Manager at Gehl Architects, why they think Melbourne have received so much praise the recent years.

Posted: 30. January 2013
Throughout 2013 IFHP is celebrating its Centenary year

Throughout 2013 IFHP is celebrating its Centenary year. The celebration was kicked-off last week at the Crystal in London with a lecture by Sir Peter Hall who is internationally renowned for his studies and writings on the economic, demographic, cultural and management issues that face cities around the globe.

Posted: 23. January 2013

We're delighted to announce the speakers on the upcoming Hague Housing Conference.