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The Council's role

The Council is the highest authority of the IFHP and meets at least once a year. The Council has four roles: as approver, as supervisor and as dialogue partner that provides on-going comments and advice on the running of IFHP affairs. Council members finally have the role of promoting IFHP activities in their own countries.This last assignment is under development the recent years and takes up an essential role in ensuring the constant development and relevance of IFHP. In a global world it again and again proves important to have a balance and connecting to both the global and local / regional perspective on the network, knowledge, learning and own doings. 

There are currently 46 members of IFHP Council from 24 nations. 

>> The last time the Council met was the Council Summit in Copenhagen 2 - 3 June 2016. Check it out. 


Council representatives

Each country can hold a maximum of 3 seats. If a country has a National Chapter, then a representative of that National Chapter will occupy one of those seats.


The Council is alone constituted of IFHP members.

>> IFHP Governance structure in brief


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In this directory you can search for council members by their reported location, or you can simply browse the directory. Browsing the directory allows you to view listings in alphabetical order and learn more about individual council members you select.


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Council Members



Paulo Horn Regal, Dean of Faculty and Lecturer - PURCS Architecture and Urbanism, Porto Alegre


>> More information on Brazilian Council representative




Robert Chicoine, Vice-président Urbanisme et Aménagement durable - Le Groupe S.M. International inc.

Gary Klassen, General Manager - City of Edmonton


>> More information on Canadian Council representatives




Alex Lam, Chartered Surveyor, Project Director - Davis Langdon


>> More information on Chinese Council representative


  Czech Republic


Jaromir Stejskal, Managing Director - SAURA


>> More information on Czech Republican Council representative




Palle Adamsen, CEO - Lejerbo

Flemming Borreskov, President - International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), President and Founder - Catalytic Society

Torben Nøhr, Chairman - Danish Association of Municipal Engineering and Director - Municipality of Koege


>> More information on Danish Council representatives




Timo Härmälä, Senior Adviser to the Mayor and City Planning and Real Estate - City of Helsinki

Pasi Heiskanen, CEO - The Finnish Housing Fair

Mari Vaattovaara, Professor of Urban Geography - University of Helsinki


>> More information on Finish Council representatives




Anne-Marie Chavanon, Chair Committee - Council of Europe and Managing Director - COFHUAT

François Leblond, President - COFHUAT and President - Association TGV Provence-Côte D'azur

Thierry Lafont, Architect and a graduate of France's École Polytechnique and École des Ponts et Chaussées engineering schools. Chairman of the Council Board of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes


>> More information on French Council representatives




Frank Bielka, Board Member - Baugenossenschaft Ideal eG

Klaus-Peter Hillebrand, Chairman, Professor Dr. Klaus-Peter Hillebrand Director - Verband Berlin-Brandenburgischer Wohnungsunternehmen e.V.


>> More information on German Council representatives




Banashree Banerjee , Independent Architecture and Planning Professional Consultant

Anil Kashyap, Professor and Programme Director - School of Real Estate, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, New Delhi


>> More information on Indian Council representatives




Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect


>> More information on Irish Council representative




Norihiro Nakai, Professor - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Takashi Onishi, Professor - University of Tokyo


>> More information on Japanese Council representative




Elzbieta Przesmycka, Professor - Wroclaw University of Technology and Lublin University of Life Science


>> More information on Polish Council representative




Fernando Nunes da Silva, Professor - Instituto Superior Técnico

João Manuel Pereira Teixeira, President - ECTP and Associate - Planeamento e Engenharia

Nuno Ventura Bento, Architect / Urban Planner - Lisbon Municipality


>> More information on Portuguese Council representatives



Alexey Krasheninnikov, Professor - Moscow Architectural Institute and Director - Center for Advanced Studies URBANISTICA MARCHI


>> More information on Russian Council representative




Cheong Koon Hean, CEO - Housing and Development Board and IFHP Board Member


>> More information on Singaporean Council representatives




Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews, Research Councilor - Urban Planning Institute


>> More information on Slovenian Council representatives




Francesc Ventura i Teixidor, Director General - VVM

Carlos Zarzo Hamma, Technical Assistant - Regional Government of Madrid, Department of Town Planning and Territorial Strategies


>> More information on Spanish Council representatives




Bo Aronsson, Project Manager - River City Gothenburg

Hans Brattström, Regional Planner - Office of Regional Planning

Olov Schultz, Executive Advisor in International Affairs - BOVERKET


>> More information on Swedish Council representatives




Bernd Scholl, Professor - ETH Zürich


>> More information on Swiss Council representative


  The Netherlands


Walter de Boer, Chairman - Bouwfonds Property Development (BPD) and IFHP Board Member

Huibert A. Haccou, CEO - Haccoû Consulting and Professor - Saxion University for Professional Education

>> More information on Dutch Council representatives




Graham Allan, Corporate Member of Royal Town Planning Institute (MRTPI); Fellow, Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)

Stewart Shaw, Chair - International Housing Networking Group

Diane Smith, Interim Chief Executive - Town and Country Planning Association


>> More information on Council representatives from The UK 


  United States of America


Pedro M. Cardona Roig, Vice President - Puerto Rico Planning Board

Douglas L. Milburn, Intern Architect-  Eckert Wordell 

Mona Serageldin, Vice President - Institute for International Urban Development


>> More information on American Council representatives


Council Observers

Daisuke Fukuda, Japan, Dr. Eng./Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology
Pierre Laconte, Belgium. FFUE / ISOCARP


Claudio Acioly, Jr.

Claudio Acioly, Jr., Kenya. Chief of the Capacity Development Unit, UN Habitat


>> Video presentation



Charles Gonzales



Charles Gonzales, Puerto Rico, USA. Executive Council Member, AARP Puerto Rico


More information

Contact you national council member or contact the IFHP-team.